The down payment assistance programs that are listed here are a sample of what is available for homebuyers in Maryland. This can be your starting point as you search for the right program for your family. Home Purchase and Refinance Loans

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Gaithersburg Homebuyer Assistance Loan Program

Financial Assistance for Homebuyers in Maryland

The Gaithersburg Homebuyer Assistance Loan Program (GHALP) was established to help eligible, first-time homebuyers  purchase a home in the City of Gaithersburg's corporate limits by providing closing cost and down payment assistance. 

Available Assistance 
Those eligible for GHALP can receive up to 10% of the sales price in assistance funds. This assistance comes in the form of a zero-interest, deferred loan. Applicants are required to sign a promissory note and second deed of trust at settlement. 
Funding maximums are established according to property location:
Standard Zone: Up to $12,00 
Opportunity Zone: $25,000 

Eligibility Requirements 
GHALP is only open to first-time homebuyers who have lived or worked in the City of Gaithersburg for at least one year prior to date of application. This restriction does not apply to Priority Populations: K-12 public & private school employees, City of Gaithersburg full-time or permanent part-time employees, police officers, fire safety employees or veterans. 
Applicants' annual household income must fall within the program's limits. Priority applicants may receive assistance with incomes up to 120% of AMI, whitle other applicants (City residents or employed within the City limits) must have incomes at or below 100% of AMI (limits shown below).

Income Limits 
100% AMI 
1-person household: $90,300 
2 -person household: $103,200 
3 -person household: $116,100 
4 -person household: $129,000 
5 -person or more household: $139,320 

120% AMI 
1-person household: $108,360 
2 -person household: $123,840 
3 -person household: $139,320 
4 -person household: $154,800 
5 -person or more household: $167,184 

*Seller-funded down payment programs were eliminated in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, but states and local government agencies are still permitted to help borrowers finance their homes with second mortgages and grants. These agencies set different requirements that a borrower needs to meet in order to qualify for the grant programs, such as property location, and purchase price, and income limits.       

Note: All figures mentioned above were accurate at the time of publication and may no longer be current. Visit the program website for updated information.    


Down payment assistance programs and/or grants were researched by the team at Please note that all programs listed on this website may involve a second mortgage with payments that are forgiven, deferred, or subsidized in some manner until resale of the mortgaged property.'s compilation is not a complete list, but it can serve as a starting point in your search for the down payment assistance program or grant for your situation. It is up to the consumer to contact these entities and find out the specifics of each program.

Down Payment Grants in Maryland

Arundel Community Development Services, Inc. offers eligible applicants assistance in the form of funds to pay for their down payment costs with the ACDS Mortgage Assistance.

The Gaithersburg Homebuyer Assistance Loan Program provides closing cost and down payment assistance to eligible first-time homebuyers who purchase within the City of Gaithersburg corporate limits. 

To help residents afford their first home, the City of Tacoma Park offers income-eligible, first-time homebuyers down payment assistance with the Home Stretch program. 

Any homebuyer with a home loan from the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) can apply for their Down Payment Assistance program to help make a down payment on the property, pay for closing costs, or satisfy prepaid/escrow expenses.

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