When buying a home in KENTUCKY, your written offer should be contingent on a satisfactory home inspection by a certified home inspector. This is a recommended part of the FHA loan process.

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FHA Inspectors in KENTUCKY

Getting a Home Inspection

The Bluegrass State, Kentucky is known for horse breeding, tobacco, whiskey, and the Kentucky Derby. The state's other key industries are tourism, coal, and machinery. Fruit of the Loom, General Motors Corp, and Tyson Foods are all major employers in Kentucky.

When making an offer on a home in Kentucky, be sure to have the home inspected by a certified home inspector. An inspection is recommended by the FHA and protects the lending institution (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac); it is also a recommended part of the loan process primarily to protect the homeowner. The home inspector provides a detailed assessment of the physical condition of the property to help you avoid buying a property requiring major repairs. Choose a home inspector who specializes in residential homes, check their certifications, and ask for a sample of their written report. The inspector's report should comply with standards of practice and code of ethics for home inspectors in Kentucky.

The following list of FHA inspectors has been assembled from the HUD.gov database. Visit the HUD website for the most current list of FHA inspectors.

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