When buying a home in CONNECTICUT, your written offer should be contingent on a satisfactory home inspection by a certified home inspector. This is a recommended part of the FHA loan process.

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Getting a Home Inspection

Connecticut's key industries involve transportation equipment, chemicals and scientific instruments. Major cities in Connecticut include Hartford (the capital), Stamford, Bridgeport and New Haven. Connecticut is home to many insurance and chemical companies as well as Yale University and the scenic Long Island sound.

When buying a home in Connecticut with an FHA loan, make sure to include a home inspection as part of your purchase process. Securing a home inspection conducted by a certified home inspector protects you as the home owner, providing you with a detailed summary of the physical condition of the home and highlighting any flaws that could require major repairs. A satisfactory home inspection also protects the lending institution which provides your home loan. Be sure your home inspector complies with ethical standards for home inspectors and complies with all of Connecticut's requirements for home inspectors. Always choose an inspector who specializes in residential homes, and get a copy of the inspection report.

The following list of FHA inspectors has been assembled from the HUD.gov database. Visit the HUD website for the most current list of FHA inspectors.

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